Shane Gibson

A smart college student and martial artist. The lone survivor of the Queen Annabelle.


Physical Bio

Age: 21

Date of Birth: Mar. 9th 1917

Height: 6’ 0"

Weight: 157

Blood Type: A-


Level: 3

Hp: 29

AC: 21

Defenses: Fort – 15 Ref – 17 Will – 17

Attributes: Str- 15 +3 Con- 15 +3 Dex- 11 +1 Int- 18 +5 Wis- 13 +2 Cha- 17 +4

Speed: 6

Initiative: +3

Passive Insight: 15

Passive Perception: 18

Pilot Status: Ace


About me, huh? Well I don’t thing there is much to tell. I grew on the mean streets of New York City. Not sure why they call them mean though. It’s the people that are mean not the streets. Well actually it wasn’t even really the streets. I grew up in this big house with about 4 billion rooms, but it was in New York City. Anyway the reason we had so much dough was that my dad, Paul Gibson, was an honest to god boot-legger. He worked for the Falcone family. A very prominent crime family in New York. Although I wasn’t old enough to understand what was fully going on. I still didn’t like the looks of those two guys that always came over at night looking for an envelope. I always thought there was something fishy about them.

Anyway back to me. I uh… I wasn’t good at school. I don’t know it was boring; I guess I already knew what they were talking about so I never bothered showing up for class. Anyway the point is I was bad at school. At first, but then that changed. Then I was good at school. See what happened was there was this guy, Mr. Coolridge, he was my sophomore English teacher at the third high school I went to. He saw potential in me or some crap. So he decided to push me along a little bit, I hated him for that. Although his pushing got me into college, I loved him for that. College is great! And now just inside of four years, the amount of time it take most people to get one college degree. I have two bachelors and a master’s in physics. I don’t know why it takes people so long to do this stuff it’s easy. By the way, if your wondering how Mr. Coolridge got me to do it well… he bet me. Yep he bet me ten bucks that I couldn’t pass high school, and I got the dough baby. Not to mention bragging rights until the first one of us dies. Probably him, he’s old.

Did I mention that the school I got into was Harvard. Yep, ‘course I only got in because Coolridge knew a guy. Anyway, yeah, Harvard is suppose to be like the best school in the country. Then I did my master’s work at Oxford; it’s suppose to be like the best school in the world. My advisor said that I should apply for a Rhode’s scholarship. Of course I got it. By the way, I figure that “Rhode’s Scholar” is code for “smarter than you.” Cause let me tell ya. There were a lot of smart cookies in that bunch. Then I turn around and beat them all in chess, I guess that should tell you something.

Oh and I met this guy at Oxford. His name is Kazuo, he’s Japanese. And heres the cool thing he taught martial arts. It’s called Aikido, you probably never heard of it. Anyway he taught me cause I’m pretty sure I’m the only the to ever talk to him. In a nice manner anyway, but I never saw any reason to be mean to him. I mean he won the same scholarship as I did, so I figured he was alright, and I was right.

Shane Gibson

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