Borders of the Sky


The Story So Far

We began our story on October 23, 1938, as the Queen Annabelle travels from New York City to Los Angeles. In Colorado, however, it is attacked by pirates. Only Shane Gibson survives.

October 24, 1938
He wakes up in the hospital of the Rocky Mountain Police Department‘s Pike’s Peak Headquarters. He is informed by Bobby, head of police, that the Annabelle was attacked and the whole cargo bay stolen. Before they can learn any more, however, the station falls under attack by a flight of bombers. Bobby leaves to fight the battle, leaving Shane in the safety of the station.
However, Shane comes across three men – a German, a Russian, and a Mafioso, who recognize him as the sole Annabelle survivor and attack him. He manages to hold his own long enough that they flee to their aircraft. Shortly after, the station shakes with explosions. Shane escapes in a RMPD Ballerina aircraft and shoots down two planes in the ensuing dogfight.
He then rejoins the police at Perry Station.

October 25, 1938
Stan Clarke is assigned to the case and they learn that the Annabelle was carrying a top-secret cargo. Shane then remembers the airship stopping in Denver to refuel, and speculates that that is where they picked up the cargo.
They don’t get a chance to investigate, however, as Perry Station detects an enemy zeppelin approaching.
The police force, with Stan and Shane, take to the air to fight off the threat. They find a heavily armored zeppelin with four full flights of aircraft. During the long battle, enemy pilot Jacen Moore turns and begins attacking the zeppelin, claiming over the radio that he doesn’t support attacking these civilians. Eventually, all enemy planes are destroyed and the zeppelin is disabled.
Our three heroes board the zeppelin and find it deserted, save for the mafioso who attacked Pike Station. He surrenders without a fight, much to the surprise of the others.
Shane interrogates the man and finds his name to be Don Angelino. The jailbird sings that his compatriots are Hans Gustav and Vladimir Dimitri. They were set up as an alliance to steal the cargo of the Queen Annabelle, though he will not say what that cargo is.
They then take a break from interrogation for lunch, but while Shane, Stan, and Jacen stuff their faces, allies of Don sneak in and release their boss. Responding quickly, the three heroes stop him and return him to jail.

October 26, 1938
The next morning, they are met by Bradley, head of the FBI. He informs them that Don Angelino is to be transferred to Federal custody on matters of national security. He also offers the three jobs as FBI agents to assist in the Annabelle investigation. They accept.

October 27, 1938
So the five of them go to FBI regional headquarters in western Denver and are told the whole story.
The Annabelle picked up two things in Denver: a prototype engine, called a jet, and plans for a powerful weapon that could destroy a whole city.

October 28, 1938
They then decided head out to investigate the wreckage of the Queen Annabelle.
Upon arrival, the wreckage is gone, and the field empty. There is, however, a lone airplane scouting the area. Our heroes pursue it, but it notices them and attacks. They shoot it down with no trouble and interrogate the pilot to discover the location of the Alliance base.
They return the prisoner to FBI headquarters but don’t tell Bradley anything about the interrogation and decide to scout out the enemy base on their own.
Hiding in the trees, they can see a small base and two small cargo zeppelins. They scout overnight and then send Stan back to FBI HQ to report while the other two sneak onto one of the airships.

October 29, 1938
Stan is met by an angry Bradley, who berates him for not reporting to him about the interrogation. However, Bradley knows that nothing can be accomplished from arguing, so he forgives and they plan tactics. They decide to wait for communication from Shane and Jacen before sending in the zeppelin that had attacked Perry Station, been captured, and then confiscated by the FBI.
Meanwhile, Shane and Jacen board the enemy zeppelin and successfully get into the cargo bay with few problems. There they find the plans and engine prototype. After sneaking into the communications room and neutralizing the technicians, they send a radio message to the FBI to come and assist.
The two of them then return to the cargo bay to secure the stolen cargo.
They are met by Vlad, who attempts a monologue, but unfortunately for him, he is flanked by his two enemies and gets a knife to his throat. His minions surrender, and Stan arrives with the zeppelin, keeping the enemy from fleeing by destroying their engines.
They all meet up in the FBI zeppelin to debrief. They are informed that both zeppelins have copies of the bomb research and mock-ups of the Jet Engine – they had already been copied.
They knew this meant that the German also must have copies, so they tracked him to a warehouse in east Denver.

October 30, 1938
Before the planed attack, Shane is given a ray gun that cannot kill, which makes him very happy, as he has previously only used his boken and refused to kill.
On the other side of the coin, though, a wrench is tossed into the works when the head of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Lindsay Riverston, confronts Bradley, telling him that the CBI is taking over the investigation and that the FBI must leave. Shane and Jacen interject and calm the situation, allowing them to complete this operation on the warehouse.

October 31, 1938
Stan and Shane went in and attacked the warehouse on foot, leaving Jacen in the zeppelin a few blocks away for support.
Stan and Shane fail to sneak in undetected, and fight a small squad of German soldiers and two Japanese swordsmen. They appear to be losing when Jacen crashes in and saves the day.
They interrogate one of the swordsmen and learn that he was merely a mercenary. Shane takes his katana and the two FBI units who accompanied Jacen lead him to FBI HQ.
The three heroes go downstairs and are met by three heavily armored pyros. The battle is short but deadly. They barely make it out alive, but they rest before descending once more…
There they find Hans and his team of four genetically altered Brutes, who pound the three relentlessly. Shane finds himself springing a mustard gas trap and being badly poisoned as he is attacked by two Brutes, who seem to be rejuvenated by the gas.
Jacen and Stan take on the other two Brutes with little effort before charging in to assist Shane. Jacen runs afoul of a flame trap but manages to put out the fire and attacks Hans, but is met with a tear gas grenade and put out of commission for the battle.
Stan helps Shane finish off the Brutes and they join the attack on Hans. Unfortunately, he activates a smoke screen.
When the smoke clears, he is gone, but Shane finds the secret door and they pursue him through an underground hangar, stopping him before he can board a zeppelin. However, the ceiling opens up and all six airships as well as two dozen BF109 airplanes take off and disappear into the distance, but not before Jacen kills the pilot of one and sends it spiraling into a nearby building.
They return to FBI HQ to find a furious Lindsay, who demands they leave the state and never return. They protest, but are met with a dozen guns pointed at them, so they comply, take their prisoners (now Hans, Vlad, Don, the pilot and the Japanese swordsman), and leave the city.
Stan takes the zeppelin at minimum speed toward the border and contacts Bradley. He learns that they are trying to contact the president on the matter, but the airwaves are packed and messages cannot get through that far. He is also made captain of the zeppelin, which he names Mjolnir.
Shane and Jacen land outside Denver and return to town on foot. They go to the newspaper to try to get the whole story printed, hoping that it would shame the CBI into giving up the fight. When they arrive, they learn that the Colorado governor is about to give a public address. They stay and hear the address. The governor calls for a public vote to decided if Colorado should seceded from the United States, and encourages other states to do the same. He is met with riotous applause. Jacen and Shane slip away unnoticed and contact Stan, who had heard the address on the radio. They share information and decide to try to start a resistance, as well as attempt to discover if the CBI is affiliated with the Alliance.



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