Borders of the Sky

Yet Another Prison Break

Tired of them, yet?

Nov. 5
The FBI contacts the Mjolnir and arranges to make a supply and troop drop the next day.
The crew and Randy (one of the resistance fighters) steal a car and go to an Italian restaurant downtown. Jacen scouts out some fellow mafiosos and get their help finding Garvan, a CBI operative with tax evasion problems. He talks to him and convinces him that he is a lawyer, and arranges to meet at the prison the next night.
They get a hotel and Jacen goes to his mafia contacts and doesn’t learn much.

Nov. 6
Jacen scouts out the prison and they get a call from the Mjolnir saying that the FBI had made the drop. Our heroes request 6 agents with snipers and explosives come assist. They arrive an hour later.
They set up about 7PM and Jacen Stan, Shane, and Randy go in.
They pose as lawyers and talk to a couple of their men. They convince the head guard to let them examine the cells and claim that there is black mold in them and threaten to shut them down. The guards examine the cells as the trio is ushered back to the lobby and told that the cells will be cleaned and the prisoners moved to the yard.
They go to the yard to “talk to their clients.” And form a plan for another prison break.
Shane goes outside and slips some plastic explosive on a guard tower and waltz toward a guard. The explosive goes off and the tower tips into the yard.
Shane hits the guard, knocks him out, and takes his gun. Jacen draws his guns and shoots a guard. The snipers open fire and the prisoners swarm the guards. The escapees run to the fallen tower and climb over it. Jason goes to their stolen car and drives it to another guard tower and lights the gas tank on fire. It explodes as the prisoners escape into the streets.



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