Borders of the Sky

Mjolnir In Danger

The Mjolnir Falls Under Attack!

The night of the jailbreak, Jacen Moore and Stan Clarke sit up in the offices, unable to sleep, and talk about the events unfolding.
Suddenly, the radio crackles and the standing captain of the Mjolnir calls for Stan, saying that the Mjolnir was just ordered to land. They decide to ignore the warning. Moments later, the zeppelin falls under attack by Colorado Bureau of Investigation aircraft. Our two heroes rush to their planes to assist.
Fifteen minutes later, they spot the Mjolnir, which has a full fifth of its canvas missing and smoldering around the edges. After a quick recap from the crew, Jacen and Stan learn that the enemy is using heavy rockets – the equivalent of aerial torpedoes – that can easily puncture the armored hide of the Mjolnir and detonate inside the Hydrogen gasbags, ripping it to shreds.
A dogfight ensues. The Mjolnir deploys its meager contingent of three planes and fires with its turrets against the enemy’s dozen planes.
After many close calls, our heroes take down the CBI with no casualties of their own, though nearly half of the zeppelin has been ripped to shreds and is unable to progress further.
They land in a tree-filled valley to hide and do repairs.



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