Borders of the Sky

Say Hello to the Mafia

Guess Who's Back?

Nov. 6
Stan and Shane lead their group of fugitives west down the alleys, stopping to break into a clothes shop on the way. They take off in their planes as spotlights shine on them. They get a few miles out of town when six Miraitekku Zeroes catch up to them and go after the cargo planes. A short dogfight later, and they make it back to the Mjolnir.

Nov. 7
Meanwhile, Jacen goes to the mafia-controlled restaurant and is introduced to an old friend: Don Angelino. They talk and Jacen is eventually convinced (after talking to his boss, Falcone) to “join” Angelino (but not trust him). He meets with the real Falcone men in northeast Denver and gets them to offer some help. He then heads back to the Mjolnir.
That evening, they get a call on the radio from the Falcone men, and arrange a meeting place for the help to arrive – six men and three stunt planes.




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