Borders of the Sky


The group performs a daring jailbreak from the CBI prison!

Shane and Jacen adopt the Warehouse for their resistance. They land their planes in the hangar.
They hear that all of the Rocky Mountain states are talking to secede with Colorado and that fights are breaking out at polling stations. They decide to get Shane arrested in order to break out the Loyalists getting arrested at the fights.

The next morning, Shane walks into CBI HQ and hits the receptionist, knocking him out. He then walks into Lindsay’s office. He is arrested, and taken across the street to the prison.
Jacen contacts Stan, who decides to take his plane to the warehouse.
During yard time, Shane talks to the imprisoned loyalists and attempts to recruit them.
That night, Jacen and Stan set fire to the CBI headquarters. They then enter the prison and bluff their way to Shane’s cell. They knock out the guard, steal the keys, and break out Steve and eight other loyalists. They then encounter another guard and lock him in a cell after knocking him out. They release four more people and head downstairs, release six more people, then confiscate some weapons from the evidence room.
They escape out the yard and split into three groups. Jacen’s group encounters muggers, but the man intimidates them into leaving. Stan almost gets lost in a group of theatre goers as they leave the theatre, but through good leadership holds the group together. Shane almost gets caught by a police officer, but talks his way out with little trouble. They all then meet up at the Warehouse.



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