Borders of the Sky

A Big Mess

What the $%^$?

Nov. 2
Shane gets a message from Stan and Jacen and joins them at the zeppelin to help with repairs. It goes smoothly, and they get it flyable. Jacen leaves that night to find mob help. He finds some old friends and gets them to agree to help.
That night, the CBI attacks the zeppelin and arrests Stan, Shane, and half the crew, but the other half manages to hide.
Nov. 3
Jacen hears of the arrest the next morning and plans to break them out (again) but is contacted by a mysterious man and agrees to meet in Central Park. It is Bobby from the RMPD, who tells him he is with them, and that the CBI has been watching the Resistance for a couple days. They decide to get Jacen into the prison to break them out.
They are now all in prison, and taken to see Lindsay, who offers to let them go if they leave and never return. Jacen pulls a gun, and they settle on a compromise – they would be led out of the building.
They get to the stairs and are met by guards with guns drawn. Luckily, three of the guards are RMPD, undercover. They assist, and the CBI gets locked into an interogation room and our heroes escape in a getaway car.
They get to the warehouse and evacuate to the zeppelin, where they find the rest of the crew and move to a wooded area for cover.
Nov. 4
Jacen contacts his mob contacts and doesn’t learn much.
They send a person to do a dead drop in Central Park for Bobby and learns an insecure frequency, which they use and learn that Hans, Dmitri, and Don were captured by the CBI and that’s all Bobby knows. They also learn that the CBI does not know the Resistance’s location.



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