Borders of the Sky

11/5/1938 Radio News

The News in Half a Minute

“You are listening to 87.1, KSWG – Denver’s Swing station and voice of the secession!
It is 8AM, so time for the news in half a minute, brought to you by the Sears and Roebuck Company.
The top story today, Governor Pierson announced yesterday a contract with Japanese security company Miraitekku to commission nearly a thousand soldiers and weapons for our new nation.
Meanwhile, the CBI has placed an APB for persons Jacen Moore, Shane Gibson, and Stan Clarke – suspected leaders of the Federal Terrorists. Contact the CBI or DPD with any information you may have.
The weather today will be overcast and 35 with a chance of rain and North winds up to 20 miles per hour.
That was your news in half a minute. Now back to the music.”



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