Borders of the Sky

11/2/1938 Radio News

The News in Half a Minute

“You are listening to 87.1, KSWG – Denver’s Swing station and voice of the secession!
It is 8AM, so time for the news in half a minute, brought to you by the Sears and Roebuck Company.
Of course the top story today is the attack and jail-break last night at CBI Headquarters, where 19 Federalists escaped and are still at large. CBI is investigating.
Meanwhile, the vote goes well, with initial polls coming to 81% for, 19% against, as resolve strengthens as Utah and Wyoming also begin secession votes.
The Sino-Jap war continues to rage, as the US sends yet more aid to the Chinese, while neglecting its people back home.
Denver’s weather will be mostly sunny, high near 48.
That was your news in half a minute. Now back to the music.”



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